Sri Lanka has its own indigenous scheme of traditional medicine called  Ayurveda .This system has been practised for many centuries in the island nation. The Sri Lankan Ayurvedic tradition is a mixture of the Sinhala traditional medicine, Ayurveda and Siddha systems of India,Unani medicine of Greece through the Arabs, and most importantly, the Desheeya Chikitsa, which is the indigenous medicine of Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka developed its own Ayurvedic system based on a series of prescriptions handed down from generation to generation over a period of 3,000 years. The ancient kings, who were also prominent physicians, sustained its survival and longevity.

Ancient inscriptions on rock surfaces reveal that organized medical services have existed within the country for centuries. In fact, Sri Lanka claims to be the first country in the world to have established dedicated hospitals. The Sri Lankan mountain Mihintale still has the ruins of what many believe to be the first hospital in the world. Old hospital sites now attract tourists, who marvel at the beautiful ruins. These places have come to symbolize a traditional sense of healing and care, which was so prevalent at that time.

Historically the Ayurvedic physicians enjoyed a noble position in the country's social hierarchy due to their royal patronage. From this legacy stems a well-known Sri Lankan saying: "If you can not be a king, become a healer." Along with Buddhism, the interrelationship between Ayurveda and royalty continues to influence politics in Sri Lanka.


Ayurveda today

Even today, Ayurveda is very much a part of Sri Lanka’s National Health Care system. The government’s Department of Indigenous Medicine is responsible for monitoring and developing Ayurveda in Sri Lanka. Training in Ayurveda studies is provided at the Government College of Ayurveda, which is affiliated to the University of Colombo. According to statistics, approximately 17,500 Ayurveda practitioners are registered under the Sri Lanka Ayurveda Medical Council.  


Benefits from Ayurveda Therapies

Ayurveda is a completely natural and holistic healing system which promotes general well-being and seeks not only to cure disease but also to rejuvenate the body. It has also proved to be very effective in curing present day stress and in promoting a positive mental attitude and relaxation of the mind. Hence, you don’t have to be sick to benefit from this healing wisdom. Indeed, thousands of people travel every year to Sri Lanka for Ayurveda holidays to cleanse and rejuvenate bodies. Benefits from Ayurveda therapies include

1. Prevents aging process
2. Corrects fatigue
3. Cures nervous disorders
4. Improves eye sight
5. Nourishes the tissues
6. Prolongs the span of life
7. Corrects sleep disturbances
8. Corrects stress / strains
9. Corrects joint and bone disorders
10. Improves digestive tract functions
11. Enhances beauty and completion
12. Cures from various diseases (Specially those which are not cured by the
......other medical systems)