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We had wonderful Ayurvedic Treatment packages and Training Programs everyday at our centre located in Kandy – the most important and not to be missed travel destination in Sri Lanka.We provide a facility which is the largest in Kandy providing services for a group at a time. The centre is staffed with Ayurvedic consultants, massage therapists, nurse practitioners and qualified Ayurvedic medical doctors.

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Ayurveda aims at curing diseases from its roots in a natural way, without any side effects. It is a constructive therapy where body systems corrected & strengthened for proper functioning thus making the journey of life healthy. 

Ayurveda offers a unique system to activate self-healing powers and a comprehensive knowledge, to detoxify the body to rejuvenate and strengthen its defenses.

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Learn about Ayurveda at our facility

This is a very informative course with a well balanced proportion of theory and practicals, useful for both beginners and those with good understanding of Ayurvedic methods. We provide all the facilities including accommodation & food.



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